Hello. Welcome to Las Palomas Heirloom Farms. We are a small, family-run business that focuses on local foods, sustainable agricultural methods, and healthy living. Our produce is always GMO-free, we use organic methods, and our livestock is free-range.

I worked on a small farm in high school and my experience with fresh food profoundly impacted me. After Jed and I had twins, our dreams of sustainable living and growing healthy food for our neighbors became a reality with the start of Las Palomas Heirloom Farms. We provide our own family (and hopefully yours) with seasonal produce, picked at the peak of freshness, and delivered weekly to a location near you. The focus of the farm is on high quality food, available locally at a fair price, and a high quality of life for all the people and animals involved. The chickens at Las Palomas Heirloom Farms get to eat garden scraps when they aren’t roaming around the fields, doing what chickens do. The vegetables and fruits on the farm are grown in an environmentally responsible way, using organic methods (although the farm is not currently USDA certified organic).

We love what we do. We love sharing the fruits of our labor with others. We would be honored to provide your family with seasonal, delicious, heirloom produce.