The curse of organic corn

I’m clearly a rookie at growing organic corn.


This particular ear was one of my better ones this year. Corn ear worms and some other little tiny larvae completely devastated my earlier crops of sweet corn and blue corn. This particular variety (8-row Golden Bantam) is not a keeper. I want heirloom corn, but these ears are too small to stand up to the pests we inevitably have. I bought this corn seed from a new (to me) company and had terrible germination. Terrible. Maybe 25% of them came up. So my pollination was also pretty terrible.

The 12-row golden bantam does look considerably better. The kernels are about to pop on those. Fingers crossed that all is well. The strawberry popcorn also looks amazing.


Maybe they will avoid the pestilence that the other ears have faced. So far, so good.

To improve in the future:
Seriously consider using an organic insecticide on the corn. I prefer to avoid insecticides because I’m a bee lover, but this has been nuts.
Research other heirloom sweet corn varieties.
Figure out the perfect planting date.
Pick every ear worm off the growing corn and feed them to the guineas.

Train guineas to hunt the ear worms themselves and kill them all.

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  1. Angele

    March 21, 2015 - Reply

    Dear Jessica,

    I just happened upon your beautiful blog today and had to tell you just how wonderful I think it is. Blessings upon you and your farm ♥ from a fellow Sierra County resident, nature lover and small-time backyard gardener who has had zero success with corn.

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